Ideas to make learning transformational

Learners as agents of transformation

29th March 2018 | Richard Morris

A discussion with our partner in Ethiopia raised the issue that the ARA way of training seems to be be inefficient.  For twenty years they have trained through a structure…

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Transfomative learning – some perspective

7th February 2018 | Nicholas

When we speak of transformative learning, are we promoting new ideas that are simply the latest trends in education? For some perspective, let’s look to the Apostle John’s short letter…

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Conversations are integral to transformation

12th January 2018 | Nicholas

I was reading Mark chapter 4 this morning. There Jesus tells the parable of the sower. You know the one; there is a man sowing seed, some falls on the…

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Parables and Stories: Super Highways to Insight

10th January 2018 | Manley

Have you ever wondered... Why do people do that? Why do people respond that way? Anyone who has lived in another country or immersed herself into a distinctly different group…

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What is Necessary for Learning to Deeply Transform?

28th November 2017 | Richard

How do we provide training aimed at achieving the deep and lasting transformation of individuals, churches and communities? We first need to overturn the conventional wisdom that giving information alone will…

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SRD-ARA Infographic 1

28th November 2017 | Nicholas

As we develop these ideas and this model, we will attempt to communicate the ideas simply so that the ideas are accessible. The following infographic is an attempt to communicate…

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SRD-ARA Mirrors How the Bible Unfolds God’s Missional Purpose

31st October 2017 | Richard

At the beginning of his book, The Mission of God, Christopher Wright makes his case for the Bible as the unfolding story of God's missional purpose. He summarizes the way…

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Role and transformation

9th October 2017 | Nicholas

So far, we have not discussed the importance of the role of the learners in transformational learning. I was watching "Poldark" last night. In one scene there was a servant…

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