Empowering Christian leaders to
change their community's story

Across the world multitudes of big and small communities are trapped by circumstances affecting them. Some by persecution, some by disease, some by unemployment and poverty to name but a few.

Embedded in these communities, walking the path with them, are numerous churches and their leaders. These leaders know their community’s unique challenges in a way no outsider ever would. With tailored training, these leaders and their churches could become real changemakers right where they live.


With International Community, together with its partner ministries, train and equip key Christian leaders across the world to help change their community's story. Each trained leader is then able to create their own training – specific to the region and culture they live in, Bible-based, and deeply practical.

Lighting the fuse

These leaders take their tailored training to more churches and ministers, often based in remote small communities. The aim of this training is to assist and encourage communities to tackle their specific social, economic and spiritual problems in a way that is unique to them.

By training and resourcing key local training developers in each nation, literally thousands of communities can be transformed – all by the work and witness of their local churches.

Our ultimate goal

We want to see WITH trainers grow and multiply in numbers, like a wildfire, to see numerous communities across the globe being transformed practically and spiritually, being emboldened to change their circumstances.

We also look forward to the time when churches, ministries and individuals in every nation are doing this remarkable work without any outside help , allowing thousands of communities to find their own unique solutions to their own unique problems.

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