Off the treadmill – Rural pastors find a ‘more excellent way’


Many pastors in Africa get paid little or nothing for their full-time ministry. Rural pastors, in particular, tend tirelessly to their flock, meeting their church’s needs. However, when it comes to their families, it is often another matter – often they are not able to provide enough food, nor dedicate enough time to their own spouse and children due to the demands of the ministry.

A group of fellow African WITH trainers have been ministering to rural pastors in Kenya, Malawi and Congo. The pastors were asked to reflect on their own, incredibly busy lives, to assess how they were prioritising the many competing demands.

Coming face-to-face with these truths had a profound effect – the majority of pastors felt that they needed to make changes in their lives.

Having learned how to prioritise through the training with WITH, pastors were able to make significant changes in their lives, allowing them to focus on creating food security and an income for expenses such as school fees etc. along with spending more time with their family and continuing to be successful in their ministry.

Many spoke of the relief they had in becoming food secure for the first time in their ministry and the joy of spending proper time with their family for the first time in many years.

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