How we work

WITH is part of a network of like-minded Christian ministries and denominational bodies, who share our vision for transformational training.


Discover potential trainers

Together with our partners we find individuals, who are called to become national WITH trainers – walking with and equipping their nation’s Christian leaders.


Equip & Support trainees

WITH provides effective training and on-the-job experience for the trainers.

We monitor their ability to develop training resources and biblical solutions, tailored to deal with their community’s challenges in their respective countries or regions.


Trainers are sent out

When ready these men and women work with pastors and community leaders showing them how to bring lasting change to the places they live and serve.


Transformed communities

These churches, in turn, are encouraged to actively deal with their unique community circumstances. They are transformed as a result, spreading the word to the neighbouring communities as well.

Lighting the fuse

WITH is all about "Lighting the fuse" – working with our network partners to identify and equip the men and women who will take this work further.

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WITH Community

WITH partners with a variety of Church and Christian organisations, who share our vision of transformed communities

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The work of WITH

There are three keys that, together, make the work of WITH work unique

Deeply biblical

This is biblical training that is also intensely practical – using the Bible to find answers on peace-making, agriculture, the family and other challenges.

Deeply practical

Ministers learn on the job and put their insights into action straight away, making it learning that lasts.

Deeply personal

This isn’t just giving advice to others, it’s about sharing from the personal transformation of the trainers, which is much more effective.

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