About WITH

WITH International Community is a Christian charity registered in England and Wales. It was founded in 2006 in response to a pressing need for equipping Christian leaders in Africa, Asia and beyond, to change their community’s stories.

By training key Christian leaders in Africa and Asia WITH is helping to shift the creation and delivery of theological and practical training courses from the hands of ‘outsiders’ to the hands of local Christians, who understand the culture, the needs and the dynamics of their communities.

The uniquiness of WITH’s trainers is that they walk alongside the people they train. They listen. They ask questions. They facilitate learning and reflection that enables the learners to find their own solutions to local challenges.

“Reflecting on the change in our training across Africa in the last 3-5 years, I cannot think of teaching and training in the way I used to. I cannot do training in the way I used to. Thanks to WITH for walking the journey together with us. AMEN!”

- Ministry leader, Africa

Our Vision

WITH forms partnerships with a variety of church and Christian organisations, who share our vision of transformed communities.

Our Mission

To facilitate the creation of a global network of local Christian trainers who can equip thousands of church leaders to develop their own biblical and practical responses for tackling social, economic and spiritual problems in their communities.


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Our International Team

André Chitlango

André lives near Maputo, Mozambique, and leads the educational team of WITH’s partner More than a Mile Deep (MMD). André is helping church denominations to develop training for pastors across Mozambique and in other Southern African countries.

John Jusu PhD

John comes from Sierra Leone, but is currently based in Nairobi. He leads the Curriculum Team of WITH’s partner More than a Mile Deep (MMD).
John is an Africa Director of Overseas Council International and main editor of the Africa Study Bible. His WITH involvement takes him throughout East, Central, Southern and West Africa.

Zafar Ismail

Our dear colleague Zafar, formerly of Lahore Theological Seminary and Barnabas Fund, was the founder of Deir Mar Thoma ministry in Pakistan. His cross-cultural knowledge and experience were instrumental to many DMT and WITH initiatives. Sadly, brother Zafar went to be with the Lord rather suddenly in April 2020. His legacy is very much alive and DMT’s ministry continues to thrive and further its vision and reach.

Victor Lonu

Victor comes from the far eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is currently based in Nairobi and is training and coaching WITH trainers throughout East, Central, and West Africa.

Alpheus Banda

Alpheus lives in Lilongwe, Malawi, and coordinates WITH training in Malawi. He also provides training and coaching of WITH trainers in East Africa.

Nicholas Ivins

Nicholas lives in Idaho, USA, and leads WITH training projects in various regions.

Richard Morris

Having spent many years living and ministering in Africa, Richard is leading the WITH team in the region. Richard also has oversight of the operations of WITH in the UK.

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