Victor Lonu

22nd January 2019 | With Community

Victor comes from the far eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He is currently based in Nairobi where he earned his Ph.D. in O.T. He has been training and coaching trainers and course developers of MMD’s partners throughout East, Central, and West Africa for over eight years now, and brings in the Francophone expertise into MMD and WITH teams. MMD is using Victor’s expertise to help expand its courses to numerous existing and prospective partners. At present he is main editor of MMD’s curriculum, both B.Th. as well as Grassroots. He is now moving to help MMD’s courses to go online, using a blended way of learning: information online and practice in group, on the ground. The heart of WITH and MMD is that practice precedes and permeates all reflection and learning life changing, even when facilitated online. Victor and his wife dream is to return to East DRC when the violence subsides.

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