John Jusu PhD

22nd January 2019 | With Community

John comes from Sierra Leone, but is currently based in Nairobi. He has been a leader of the Curriculum Team of WITH’s partner More than a Mile Deep (MMD) for over 20 years. John has devoted himself to serving the team in developing MMD continentally. His passion is to build a curriculum, that helps making African Christianity ‘a mile deep’ (versus miles wide, through the constant growth through conversion, but staying only an inch deep as to biblical literacy, and outreach to meet community’s needs). He hopes to take MMD curriculum back to Sierra Leone, where he and his wife have tirelessly developed care for orphans and widows, while also ministering to many in need in their native rural region. In the last two years, John Jusu has brought together a number of denominations and schools to design and develop curriculum, and they are now embracing MMD as the partner of choice to help change the direction of Sierra Leone’s church into becoming ‘more than a mile deep’ as churches become ‘Monday Churches’. John has served for years now as Africa Director of Overseas Council International, helping over twenty seminaries throughout Africa in their development. As MMD’s head of curriculum, inspired by the need for tools to equip the pastors in deepening God’s authority in their sermon preparations, he has committed himself as the main editor for the forthcoming Africa Study Bible, now available in English and French.

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