Increasing the impact of church-based training across Asia

This project uses WITH methodology to encourage development of locally contextualised church-based training with tangible transformative outcomes.

Our transformational role

An international team from several organisations have formed to provide a series of workshops and coaching for TEE course writers from 11 countries. WITH provided the framework around which these 21st century transformative TEE courses are being written. WITH’s Situational Response Development model ensures that transformation of the community is a priority for each course. More importantly, the training provides the way for these TEE programs to move from just being recipients of translated courses, produced elsewhere, to being creators of locally relevant, transformative courses.

How it works

In partnership with Increase Association, WITH works closely with the international team to develop and deliver a series of workshops for new TEE course writers from a dozen countries. Each writing team has an active coach working with them through the writing process.

WITH is committed to understanding and valuing the TEE legacy while at the same time providing practical steps to incorporate into each course a focus on positive outcomes for the community. WITH’s educational expertise and experience ensures that course writers have practical ways to introduce transformative objectives and activities into their courses.

Three to four writers from the first group being trained, will be invited to become mentors for future writers, thus ensuring ongoing training of new TEE course writers.

When completed, TEE programmes in Asia and beyond will have competent course writers on their programmes. The courses will increase the impact of the local churches on their communities as they equip the believers in those churches to step out in faith and obedience.

What’s next?

An increase in the number of programmes with competent transformative TEE course writers actively involved. WITH will continue to work with the Increase Association and the international team of trainers to mentor national writers from the first group. Further partnership involves forming a core team, which will continue to expand the number of TEE programmes with competent writers on their staff. The core team will increasingly consist of TEE writers from a number of programmes. This international team will continue to develop and deliver course writer training, including online training through our partnership with ICETE Academy.


  • Asia

WITH’s partner:

Increase Association, TEE (Theological Education by Extension) programmes across Asia.

Key objectives:

  • To train a new generation of TEE course writers using transformative learning principles.
  • To develop and deliver training that increases competence in writers for each programme involved.
  • To develop an international team of mentors who can both to deliver training and mentor new writers.
  • To expand the number of programmes, involved in writing transformative TEE courses.
  • To expand the network of those with educational expertise and experience to contribute to these key objectives.

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