Hope and transformational learning

22nd November 2016 | Nicholas

One of the models for transformational learning that our team is exploring is called Action Reflection Action (ARA).

Foundational to ARA is that you start with the situation.

When the course writers are asked to assess their situations and determine what aspects of their local situations they would like to see changed, we see excitement. We see engagement. We see optimism oozing out all over. We see hope.

Why? Because they have been given the freedom to dream about personal and community transformation in ways that they understand.

A seminar or course based on ARA then becomes a means by which they can start to impact their community.

This may not sound like it is worth a blog post, but we have seen the enthusiasm over and over as we have presented ARA course-writing workshops to people from a dozen countries across Africa. When the participants realize that they are going to analyze their situations and write courses or seminars that address their issues in ways that bring transformation to their communities, they enthusiastically dive into analyzing the situations that they want to change.

Transformation is always personal and local. The way that ARA brings hope to the person and their community is one of the great things about the Action Reflection Action model.

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