This blog is a developing arena for us to discuss ideas about attempts to infuse learning situations with a more transformational outcome than is normally the case.

Our attempt here is to open the discussion to those interested in transformational learning and how to incorporate that into the training and education that you may be involved in delivering or creating.

A small team of us are starting the conversation as a way to build a network of those who are exploring these ideas for whatever reason.

Our team has developed as a response to a consistent message from organizations delivering training in many arenas all over the world–some theological institutions, some informal trainers, some formal trainers.

The message we’ve heard over and over is that there is need for a new model.

The way that training is done now is not accomplishing the outcomes hoped for in those going through the training. We are not seeing individuals transformed, let alone the communities in which they live and work.

So, dear reader, it is our hope that you will join us as we consider these things.

Our team is developing a model that has it’s birth in Africa and so has hope of actually being relevant. The model is called Situational Response Development (SRD) and Action Reflection Action (ARA), which we will be discussing more as we go along in this blog.

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